The International Government Communication Centre

The International Government Communication Centre


The International Government Communication Centre (IGCC) is the first of its kind specialised facility in the field of government communication, in the Arab region. It is a qualitative and strategic initiative, besides being a scientific and knowledge-based specialised research establishment. The Centre is considered an important reference in all areas of government communication locally, regionally, and internationally. The IGCC is an extension to the success of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF).

IGCC is a practical, theoretical, and intellectual platform to support the efforts and initiatives of Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) in introducing cutting-edge developments in the field of government communication. Additionally, the IGCC provides the necessary research, training, and international expertise with a view to develop the skills of government communication professionals in the region and beyond.

The Centre has launched a number of new annual initiatives, many of them first in the Arab world, which contribute to the advancement of the theoretical and practical aspects of the government communication system at all levels. These include:

Mission & Vision To establish an integrated, intellectual, scientific, and research platform specialised in all areas of government communication, with an objective to become the most important reference point in this field locally, regionally, and internationally.


  • Creating applicable and scientific mechanisms to turn outputs and recommendations of the IGCF into practical initiatives
  • Producing specialised knowledge through academic research and studies
  • Documenting the outputs of the IGCF and bringing out books and reports about case studies relevant to government communication through the specialised library
  • Establishing international relations and partnerships with institutions, official spokespersons, government communication experts, academics, and researchers.
  • Organising specialised world-class training courses, in all areas related to strategic and practical government communication, public diplomacy, and soft power


  • To align with Sharjah’s strategy in supporting science, research, and education as well as developing the skills of government staff
  • To establish a theoretical and practical scientific edifice in the field of government communication
  • To enhance the capabilities of government communication professionals locally, regionally, and globally through the implementation of world-class programs in career development
  • To build international relations with institutions, government spokespersons, experts, academics, researchers, and professionals in the field of government communication.