Quality Policy

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is dedicated to the Quality Management System policy, with the objective of advancing services and bolstering the efficiency of the media sector in Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates at large. This commitment aims to elevate Sharjah’s global media standing, guided by goals rooted in sustainability, standards, and strategies pursued by SGMB, which include:

  • Fostering a distinguished work environment for media-related activities.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and institutional excellence.
  • Developing human resources to meet high international professional standards.
  • Utilising all resources to support the media and cultural vision of the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Delivering services through a methodology that ensures the satisfaction of customers and partners.

Quality objectives

  • Promote a culture of quality among SGMB employees, in line with global best practices.
  • Ensure that the goals set by SGMB are achieved.
  • Address customer needs and develop new mechanisms for identifying and fulfilling them.
  • Develop programmes and policies that support continuous improvement.
  • Adopting the best administrative and financial practices to develop work procedures in a manner that ensures the efficiency of the quality system.
  • Develop effective methodologies, systems, and manuals to support creativity and excellence in the media sector.
  • Execute clear plans to ensure all events and activities organised by the SGMB produce the desired results.
  • Develop human resources continuously and optimise their knowledge and skills.
  • Protect the environment while also ensuring employee safety and well-being.

Main tools to support this policy

  • Effective communication with all stakeholders.
  • Adhere to applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Implement standards, analyse partners' expectations, design new services, and utilise relevant research and studies.
  • Identify and manage preventive and corrective measures through the management system, assessing their impact both internally and externally.
  • Establish a sophisticated management system with the goal of continuous improvement.
  • Adopt procedures to evaluate suppliers from among the selected ones through all stages, focusing on competitiveness, quality, potential for mutual strategy development, and maintaining sustainable economic, social, and environmental relationships.
  • Develop and train employees to enhance their performance.
  • Formulate strategic plans to achieve specific objectives.
  • Implement programmes that ensure constant enhancement.
  • Provide effective human resources to achieve set goals, protect the environment, and maintain occupational safety.
  • Implement the aforementioned policy. To achieve this goal, department managers must:
    • Communicate the policy to all employees.
    • Implement measures to ensure full compliance with the policy’s terms.
    • Verify that outcomes align with objectives using a range of indicators and standards.
    • Involve employees and delegate appropriate authority to ensure smooth policy implementation.
    • Identify weaknesses, promote the adoption of suitable corrective and preventive measures, and ensure their effective implementation at both technical and organisational levels.